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 Goals Per ZANGA site

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Admin of TAMS of Frontieville
Admin of TAMS of Frontieville

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PostSubject: Goals Per ZANGA site   Goals Per ZANGA site Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 3:06 pm

Here is the complete list of FrontierVille goals:

Tend You Homestead
Harvest Two Pumpkins
Tend Two Chicken
Clear The Land
Clear Three Grass
Chop Down Two Trees
Clear One Rock
Find Lost Sheep
Find Your Sheep and Feed it
Move Lost Sheep
Move Your Sheep
Own or Buy Four Fences (any type)
Start Building Your Own Cabin
Buy a Cabin at the Market
Whack the Framework Three Times
Visit Your Neighbors
Visit Two Neighbors
Have Ten Cloth
Prepare The Harvest
Buy One Fruit Tree at the Market
Buy One Pig at the Market
Plant Seven Crops
Prepare The Ground
Clear Seven Grass
Clear One Skull
Clear Two Rocks
Lay In Supplies
Have 25 Wood
Have 50 Food
Tame The Wilderness
Clear Ten Grass
Chop Down Three Trees
Finish The Cabin
Finish The Cabin
Customize Your Cabin
Customize Your Cabin
Spruce Things Up
Buy Two Hay Bales at the Market
Buy One Pitchfork at the Market
Buy Three Other Decorations (total of six)
Get Married – Step 1: Make Progress
Plant Twelve Crops
Have 2000 Coins
Buy Three Chickens at the Market
Get Married – Step 2: Build Up
Clear Eight Grass
Build a General Store
Keep On Farming
Plant 25 Crops
Harvest 25 Crops
Get Married – Step 3: Prosperity
Grow/Gather Food 150
Have 3500 Coins
Buy One Cow
Get Married – Step 4: Fancy Duds
4 Sets of Clothes
4 Ribbons
Lay In Firewood
Buy One Saw at the Market
Cut More Wood 50
Keep It Clean (Clear out Grass)
Buy One Goat
Clear 25 Grass
Get Married – Step 5: Pop The Question
Have 2 Fancy Outfits
Get One Bouquet
Time For Breakfast
Buy a Breakfast Meal
Harvest 12 Crops
Do Family Chores (for spouse)
Chop Three Trees
Feed Ten Chicken
Prepare To Build A Crib
Craft 6 Planks
Have 2 Tools
Build a Barn
Get Ready For Baby
Craft Crib
Gather More Coins 5000
A Thorny Problem
Have Your Child Clear 5 Thorns and 1 Cactus
Care For Your Child
Gather More Food 400
Craft 5 Clothes
Find Warm Wool Coat
Clear Four Stumps
Buy a Schoolhouse at the Market
Finish The Schoolhouse
Finish the Schoolhouse
Get Ready To Bake!
Plant Thirty Pumpkins
Buy One Cow
Get Ready To Bake 2: Ready the Kitchen
Buy an Inn at the Market
Finish the Inn
Start Ranching
Buy 6 sheep
Sell 6 Adult Sheep
Pig Farming
Buy Nine Pigs
Sell Nine Adult Pigs
Eat Your Veggies
Harvest Seven Corn
Harvest Seven Peas
Harvest Seven Potatoes
Eat Your Fruit
Water or Harvest Cherry Trees 18 Times
Water or Harvest Apple Trees Nine Times
Water or Harvest Peach Trees Three Times
Fill The Pockets
Have Two Bees
Have Two Arrowheads
Have Two Peanut Shells
Master Farmer Part 1
Plant 60 Pumpkins
Harvest 60 Pumpkins
Master Farmer Part 2
Plant 300 Flax
Harvest 300 Flax
Master Farmer Part 3
Plant 1500 Peanuts
Harvest 1500 Peanuts
Founder Part 1
Spiff up the Inn
Have 100,000 coins
Founder Part 2
Collect 500,000 coins
Buy Twelve Cows
Sell Twelve Adult Cows
Birthday Time!
Craft Two Presents
Craft One Cake
Three Square Meals
Buy Breakfast
Buy Lunch
Buy Dinner
Make Medicinal Tea
Own One Clove Tea
Own Two Mushroom
Own Two Purple Flowers
Scare Bears
Scare 6 Bears
Clobber Snakes
Clobber 3 snakes
Thanks for the impressive list of all the FrontierVille Quests to Fredacp from the official Zynga forums

Thanks for reading, Feel free to send a message with any questions,
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Goals Per ZANGA site
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