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Here is where you can promote, recruit and just discuss all the other games you play. We know that TAMSers are gamers at Heart. So that means that with as many games are on Facebook, you are probably playing more than one. If there is another game you are playing, please let us know. If enough people show interest in the game we will create a Facebook T.A.M.S. of it!!! Until then please feel free to use this Forum for the other games you play. TAMS is all about enhancing your gaming pleasure and needs. Happy GAMING!!!!!!!

T.A.M.S. a group of Simply AH-mazing People!

A gathering place of ALL TAMS groups. We are Family!!!
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Admin of TAMS of Frontieville
Admin of TAMS of Frontieville

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PostSubject: FIREWORKS   FIREWORKS Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 12:41 am

"Howdy there Pardners! I'm sure yer wonderin' how you make fireworks way out here on the frontier! Well it's an 'ol recipe my pappy taught me years ago involvin' manure. First thing ya gotta do is feed the animals real good to git some grade "A" manure. Once thats done, head on back to yer cabin and turn that into some saltpeter. Then ...you get that fire burnin real hot and *BOOOM* heh I'm seein' sparks already!"
From Zanga

Don't forget to visit your neighbors and get more manure.
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