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 KoC Domains:

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Admin of TAMS of KoC
Admin of TAMS of KoC

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PostSubject: KoC Domains:   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:42 am

Each domain is a separate server running a separate instance of the game. Resources and alliances cannot be shared between domains. Each player may play on more than one domain if they choose. Gems are the only currency that is shared on a player's account, between domains.

The designers have added code to prevent people from creating new accounts on the older servers. If you use these links, and you select a domain where you already have an account, it should take you right to it. If you do not have an account, and the domain is one of the many that are locked out, you will be assigned to a random "new" domain instead of the one that you selected.

Name Web Address
Annwyn https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=7
Annwyn23 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=23
Annwyn39 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=39
Arondight https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=4
Arondight20 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=20
Arondight36 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=36
Arthur https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=1
Arthur17 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=17
Arthur33 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=33
Badon https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=14
Badon28 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=28
Badon44 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=44
Caliburn https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=5
Caliburn21 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=21
Caliburn37 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=37
Caliburn101 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=101
Caval https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=12
Caval26 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=26
Caval42 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=42
Celidon https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=13
Celidon27 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=27
Celidon43 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=43
Clarent https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=8
Clarent24 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=24
Clarent40 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=40
Culwich https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=16
Culwich30 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=30
Culwich46 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=46
Excalibur https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=2
Excalibur18 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=18
Excalibur34 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=34
Galatine https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=3
Galatine19 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=19
Galatine35 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=35
Glessic https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=15
Glessic29 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=29
Glessic45 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=45
Goshwit https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=10
Goshwit32 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=32
Llamrei https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=11
Llamrei25 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=25
Llamrei41 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=41
Pridwen https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=9
Pridwen31 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=31
Rhon https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=6
Rhon22 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=22
Rhon38 https://apps.facebook.com/kingdomsofcamelot/?s=38
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KoC Domains:
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