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 Offense Strategy

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Admin of TAMS of KoC

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PostSubject: Offense Strategy   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:39 am

In this game, the defender has the upper hand: there is a limit on the size of the attacking army, whereas there is no limit on how many troops could defend. And sending waves is nonsensical; as someone once put it: "it's like being attacked by one million angry ants. Normally, you'd be overwhelmed by the numbers and not stand a chance; however, in Kingdoms of Camelot, some crazy little man decided that it'd be better if the one million angry ants were divided so only ten ants could attack at a time." Now, c'mon, even the weakest among us can stand up to 10 ants. So, some strategy for the attacker is needed here.

Notice: this is mainly meant for warring with another alliance; please don't use this (except for maybe the first tidbit) to ruin your farm's day. That's just bullying.

Cleaner WavesThe bane of any good attacker's existence are the wall defenses: crossbows, spikes, caltrops, traps, trebuchets; no one likes these. So, you have to know how to get around them.

Notice: these tips are optimal only when you are attacking a player who is in sanctuary and is trying to hide from you. If they are on defend, well, prepare accordingly. You will have to take more casualties than these tips entail.

TrapsTraps, of course, are simple. Send in one scout and one cavalry (for speed; though any troops with the scout is fine), and the traps number is halved. I have heard of stories where some people send 2 scouts and 2 troops, and come out getting 50% of the original, then 50% again, though they are just that, stories - I leave it to you to test this theory out. Again, good attackers scout; so, if you scout, notice scouts in the city but don't kill any, you can automatically infer that they are on sanctuary. Use this to your advantage; take out any caltrops and traps at the same time with your meatshield wave (either the aforementioned 1 scout, 1 troop, or send 100 more militiamen than traps (to be safe)). Then, when you're second wave comes in, everything is nice and pretty.

This tactic is now essentially worthless with the new updates as of 4/15/10. Simply put, the only way to clean out traps these days is to send in the meatshields (militiamen and the likes). Sorry, I'm disappointed these days, too.

In case your enemy only has Traps but nothing else you may send in Rams with a ratio of 1:10 to take out these and win the battle. This means if your enemy has 100 Traps, you can send in 11 Rams and win the battle with one remaining Ram.

CaltropsYou can clear Caltrops without losses easily by sending in three times as many Militiamen. Keep in mind that if there are Traps present, you will have to sum these up with the Caltrops and use the same tactic.

SpikesFor spikes, you'll have to do one of three things:

1) send in no cavalry, carts, or siege weapons (if you're looting, you'd better hope you have plenty of supply troops) or

2) send in the cavalry to take out the spikes if you believe you can loot a LOT from this guy and need carts, or you need to get siege weapons in.

3) If there are no crossbows, spikes are rather simple to take out. Send in rams or (heavy) cavalry, I'd suggest about 1.5 to 2 times the number of spikes; they'll just eat up the spikes like a fat boy eats cake. ***Heavy Cavalry will take out Spikes with no losses, tried and tested numerous times***

CrossbowsBasically, the tips are rather limited here. The only thing I can suggest until I further test out my theories is to send in a meat shield wave of militiamen, about three times the number of the crossbows. If there are caltrops present, you'll have to send in at least ten times that to really be safe and kill the maximum number of crossbows....Some testing has proven that if Crossbows are 1:3 to archers you will lose approx. one third of your Archers. If u send Archers in a 10:1 ratio, you will suffer no losses, even though this is overkill and not an exact science.

Send in Waves of Swordsmen may also help as they usually are better against archer units. *This tactic has not been fully tested*

If there are absolutely no other Defenses,except Caltrops, the best offensive weapon to Crossbows is Cavalry, not Heavy Cavalry... I have tried and tested, ratio is 1 cavalry to 1.12 Crossbows ... the next best ratio I have found is 10 archers to 1 Crossbow, if your archers have at least 2 higher fletching than who they are attacking...

TrebuchetsNow, defensive trebuchets are a lovely creation, and here's why: they are very powerful with a good defense to back them up, but send in the right mixture of troops, and they're obsolete. Through varying battles, I have found that trebuchets with an army in sanctuary and limited crossbows die proportionally at a rate of 7:1 when fought with rams (meaning, 7 trebuchets are required to kill one ram). I have also seen them get, of course, closer to 1:2 with a good defense, so be smart.

If you don't use Siege Engines at all, you can safely ignore trebuchets. They will only attack those units. Other units will walk right past them unmolested.

ScoutingThe advice on wall defenses does no good unless you actually know what the wall defenses are. Scouts are cheap, insanely quick, and the only drawback to scouting is that it gives the enemy five minutes more warning and requires a knight to lead the scout. As a rule: most enemies under 200K might will have less than 500 scouts, so 500 scouts will bring back a report almost without fail. Also, if you scout an enemy who's hiding in their sanctuary, (as of now), the game occasionally tells you that you are under attack and then issues a report from your watch tower about the enemy. Thus a player with Eagle Eyes of 1 and a level 9 watch tower can still scout out the enemy's army.

WildernessesThese here, while seemingly worthless to attack, can be good for two reasons:

1) if you're up against a bigger player, they need food, LOTS of food, and chances are, they rely heavily on their wilderness bonuses; knock out those farms and you could kill off their army not through combat, but starvation (but try to catch them at a time when they're offline, more time for damage to be done) --also, remember, you have to have wilderness spots open in your castle to be able to truly take a wilderness from someone, otherwise, you just attack it and then come home. Lame.

2) This one is my fun way of annoying someone and then winning, seriously is the best; do the same as number one, but hope you are attacking the person while he/she is awake. That way, they'll want to take back their wildernesses, and you'll be able to keep doing this. Where the beauty really comes into place is when you do this for awhile and pull out your troops (abandon a few, recall from a few so as he loses troops to the wilderness, and you get an idea of when he's taking back his wildernesses), the attacker gets into a rhythm: after sometime, just leave your troops there and watch as the attacker loses his beautiful army (well, some of it anyways). This is best done over extended periods of time, though, and realize you can probably only do this once in awhile with a certain player, or even a certain alliance. People, as strange as it may sound, are smart.

Footnote: Wilderness raiding is not a recommended strategy. Stronger players (like the humble author of this footnote) will usually exterminate these pests. Best way to fight the kids raiding wildernesses is to post attacker coords on alliance forum and raid them down to one city. After that - keep periodically zeroing it so they can't build up again.

Warning: make sure if you choose to do number 2, you have your troops in your castle on sanctuary and your resources taken care of; chances are, the player you're annoying will attack you... a lot.

SanctuaryYes, I did just condone this only about a line or two before, but sanctuary really is a cheap function, especially when it's used by a large might player in an alliance at war (or even at peace, for that matter). Some may argue it's smart; I just think it's downright pathetic. But, nevertheless, it exists, so we have to do something about that, don't we?

One of my favorite techniques requires little time, no troops (yet) or resources, and is so easy to execute: taunting. So many times I have found that players, when taunted about being wimps and pathetic for using the sanctuary, will use their troops to defend, and even sometimes call in for reinforcements. Now, you must be prepared for this (scouting parties, sent in medium numbers, will help you no matter the results: win, and you can see the defender's troops and reinforcements, as well as if they are set to defend; lose, and you know that they are defending. Yay!) If you lose, I'd suggest sending in a nice size army, but not your entire army. While many alliances that use the sanctuary function will ultimately not send a retaliating attack, there are those times where you need to be ready. Just play your cards right and think of how you'd react (psychology always helps to understand).

I'd suggest using this technique if you are trying to destroy the might of a smaller player who is bothering an alliance member; don't do this in a one-on-one might contest, nor against someone smaller just because they're smaller; do it for respectable causes.

Annoying AttacksFrankly, I don't think these types of attacks do much when done by unskilled alliances, though when applied correctly, it could be pretty lethal. One member of our alliance (the third largest might in the server) was being attacked by an "infinite" number of waves of 1 swordsman, 1 pikeman, for hours and days on end. And, needless to say, he got very annoyed by them, but also brushed them off as just a pest and left his troops to destroy them (he called it his own personal "target practice") However, they never did anything with these attacks. It really turned out to just be a nuisance. Moral of the story? Sending a few ants over an infinite period from an infinite number of cities results in lack of attentiveness by the defender. So, what he never realized (and I told him soon after) was that a large, true attack could have been synchronized to lie within the hundreds of attack alerts, and he never would have known. Food for thought.

Counter: Do contact their alliance leader and ask them to kick them or loot them. If they don't agree, have the whole alliance do same to their chancellor. Don't leave nuisance acts unpunished - these are dishonorable and people employing them should be exterminated from the game with extreme prejudice.

Troops to TrainOf course, a healthy balance of anything is good for you, so why not in this game? If you're going to truly attack someone, instead of farming or attacking someone you're guaranteed to win against, this is important stuff. First: archers are a must. They have long range, they're quick and nimble, they're deadly, can take out troops from long distances, are third least affected by crossbows (first being rams, second being swordsmen), and have the best affect on your might (they are cheap, more or less easy on the food, and bring your might up 4 per unit). It's no wonder they are the unit of choice. Though, you can also use this to your advantage by making your second most troop the swordsman, because he is like fire on oil when he meets up with archers, even huge armies of archers. The rest of the troops really are up to you, but here's what you should stay away from:

1) If you're a serious attacker, pikemen aren't for you. They are only good at defense, and even that best only against cavalry. They are made obsolete for the defender by the production of spikes.

2) Cavalry are nonsense; they are only best at being the militiamen for spikes (in other words, meat shields); they eat a lot, can't get past spikes in a true attack all too well, and are very costly to produce. Don't even get me started on heavy cavalry. This number 2 is a reason for pikemen to not be made as well.

3)Ballistas are good, of course, but best only at defending. And, then again, they are almost made obsolete by trebuchets, which do not eat food (which ballistas do in large quantities). Also, they are so very slow, and give the defender a lot of time to prepare.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to not produce any of the aforementioned troops, but just do not produce them in bulk, especially for the purpose of attacking.

Repeated AttacksNow, this is a dangerous tactic for two reasons: 1) you make a lifelong enemy and 2) you risk the chance of an alliance catching on to the repetition in attacks and reinforcing the city. However, the benefits can be substantial. You succeed in keeping the city from building up too many wall defenses (wouldn't you hate it if you lost a lot of troops to take out some crossbows, only to find out that a couple of days later, there they are back again?) and can, in certain cases, find yourself a very annoyed player who quits the game and, in effect, hands you one massive farm. Also, you succeed in keeping one more member of an alliance you may be at war with down and out. This is definitely a good tactic when you find yourself fortunate for destroying a large player's defense, and don't want him to have the chance to retaliate.
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Offense Strategy
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