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 Chronicles of Blood NEWS!!!!

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Chronicles of Blood NEWS!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Chronicles of Blood NEWS!!!!   Chronicles of Blood NEWS!!!! Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 10:20 am

Children of the night,

when you go to „My vampire“ you will see two new slots: Head and hands. These are two new additional item slots. You will will items for these slots in the hunting grounds, either from drops, from merchants or from crafting.

Some items belong to a set. You will see the name of the set in the tooltip, e.g. „Raven regalia“ and which items belong to that set.

When you equip a certain number of set items (any combination counts), you can have one or two set boni. If you equip e.g. three items of the „Raven regalia“, you have the 2-pieces and 3-pieces boni.

You can have boni from different sets at the same time, if you equip the right items, e.g. „Ravenstaff“ and „Cowl of the ancient“ for the 2-piece bonus of „Raven regalia“, and „Bark of the ancients“ and „Touch of ancients“ for the 2-piece bonus of „Oath of the ancients“.

Things to come!!!

Just happened!!!!
So, the first new thing, which should come next week, will be new slots for head and hands items. You will now have items sets that give boni when you equip several items from the same set.

A glimpse into the future!
The first big upgrade for CoB will be the opening of the „Abandoned industrial complex“ and the raising of the level cap to 50. Almost all pictures are done and we hope we can release it in about 2 weeks. Oh, level 40s, it will be a tough pleace, you will cry delicious tears, nom nom!

After that we will give you cool mounts, that you need to charge into battle. Servants will play a more important role then, or should I say: trampling down servants?

Another huge feature is the epic boss fight, which will give you the strongest loot, but you will need help from your coven. A guild system with integrated chat and guild ladder will come later.

Then we may open the „Infernal planes“, a portal to the demonic lands! Lots of fire! Level cap raised to 60.

Maybe in between we will do „environmental procs“. When you fight e.g. in Oldtown some gang members could drive by and shot at you .. or your opponent! Will be interesting for PvP.

A riddle for you: What happens when you combine a cube, a wooden peg and a scroll?

Another idea is to add „coolness“ to the game, which some of you already have seen on the Nightshades. That could be a sort of achievement system.

Then it is time for another region and the level cap raised to 70. Actually we have 10 more regions already defined, so we will do what might feel right when we reach that point in time.

And to finish our little preview with a biggie: You surely know talent trees … yes, talent trees!

So, I hope you can see that they have a lot planned. Please be patient, things need time to code and draw and develop. They added a new artist to the team, and you will soon see her (yes, a she) artwork soon.
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Chronicles of Blood NEWS!!!!
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