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 Mafia Wars NEWS!!!!

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Mafia Wars NEWS!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Mafia Wars NEWS!!!!   Mafia Wars NEWS!!!! Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 10:18 am

Challenge Mission: South Africa
Fix the Biggest Game
Chapter 1 Unlocks in 1 day:

Counterfeit Tickets

To complete the jobs in South Africa, you'll need to use special Counterfeit Tickets. Each day, you'll be able to collect these items from the Challenge Mission page, obtain them from the Marketplace, and find them from doing jobs, fighting, and robbing in other cities. Make sure you save them up as you'll need more as the mission progresses!

My Crew
Fill up your crew to help you in South Africa!
Each chapter you will unlock two additional slots for your South Africa Crew. Any new person joining your mafia will also be added to your crew (up to 7 total slots). You will be given a one-time bonus of Counterfeit Tickets for each crew member that joins an unlocked slot.


Each Chapter that you complete in South Africa will earn you an exclusive unique item. You'll need to master Chapter 1 before you can move on to Chapter 2, and so forth. Each item gets progressively more powerful, so you'll have to work hard to ensure that you get them all!

Chapter 1: Goalie, ATK 45 DEF 58
Chapter 2: Tiebreaker, ATK 76 DEF 42
Chapter 3: Penalty Kick, ATK 107 DEF 55


Mafia Wars Forum:

Mafia Forum 6-24-2010
Energy Boost Change!
Greetings Mafia Wars Fans, In a continued effort to protect the game balance for all users, the following energy reduction boosts will be marked as non-gift able as of today.

Hen Hidden
Boosted Smoothie
Inside Tip
Chess Master
Truck Driver
Problem Solver
Free Ride

We understand that many of our users enjoy bilateral gifting and this change may affect their ‘game.’ Our teams are currently reviewing the gifting system and looking for ways to improve the user experience for players that like to gift items. Our removal of these boosts from our gifting list is to protect all users from players who use these items in an unintended manner to gain an unfair advantage over their peers.

If you would like to give us feedback about our gifting system please visit this thread in our developers section: Gifting Feedback http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?t=594341

If you consider yourself a market trader that utilizes the gifting system to trade for items please visit this thread in our developers section: Trading Feedback http://forums.zynga.com/showthread.php?t=615850
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Mafia Wars NEWS!!!!
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